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for comics, anime, movies, and art.


Thingamajig Studios was created by three friends as an entertainment company with a unique style that reflects their shared interests in comics, anime, movies, and art.  These various media formats enable us to combine engaging socially relevant storytelling and diverse animation styles into rich experiences.

We are exploring new ways of telling stories that push the boundaries of standard entertainment. Our vision is to continuously provide engaging experiences that may conform to or may blur the traditional categories of adventure, drama, action, and sci-fi.

So join us on our adventure, through our site and social media, as we share new projects and new products that will deliver “Entertainment for your Imagination

Creativity – Friendship - Collaboration

Meet the creative
minds behind

James Merrill

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, James later moved to California and grew up in Carson. The City was a small suburban community south of Los Angeles. During the 80s, Carson was home to notable icons a pop culture such as Academy Award Winning Director Quentin Tarantino - who worked at the Carson twin cinema - and Forest Whitaker - an Academy Award Winning actor you could see strolling in Carson mall

During those early years, his love of comics, Japanese anime, movies, especially those with unique storytelling and cinematography, began to shape James’ aptitude for storytelling. Teaming up with his partners, they formed their own publishing company to create quality characters and storylines based on the genre he loves so much.

John Kimpson

Born and raised in Long Beach California is where, as a youth, John discovered he had a passion for animation, sci-fi, Kung-Fu flicks, and especially comic books. After moving to Carson CA in 1982, he met his childhood friend, James Merrill, and found they had the same passion.

As a youth, he loved to go to comic book conventions and dreamed of one day being able to be a vendor with his own super hero’s story. Now, he has the chance, along with his co-founders to bring new entertainment that will hopefully inspire a new generation of enthusiasts.

Michael Scott

Michael A. Scott was born on October 8th, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee. He is the eldest of three boys and, at an early age, he learned how to use his imagination to amuse his younger siblings to help out his mother while she worked around the house. In his younger years, he spent time reading, collecting comic books and action figures of his favorite super-heroes.

Michael realized his talent for writing by making up alternate stories to his favorite comics. In 1990 he met up with James Merrill and John Kimpson. The more their friendship grew, the more they realized how much in common they had and decided to try to create a comic book.

Some years went by, and the book was put to the side, until 2005 when the dream was again at the forefront of their minds. Michael teamed up with James and John to create Thing-A-Majig Studios. 

This dream team brings their imaginations to life in books and in the animation realm.